Forging Foundations

We proudly present our first few proofs of progress!

Here we share an early experimental glimpse into the unique Universe we’re diligently discovering. :kekeke:

It’s taken a lot of hard work just to get our sky off the ground.  :like:

Video games are among the most complex and demanding of this planet’s programs.  The tremendous tasks faced by indie game developers often overwhelms those who are first stetting out on their odyssey.  Unlike established entertainment entities we have no existing resources to draw from.

As the saying goes: “To conquer any great divide simply divide the journey itself into separate steps.”

Thus, we’ve distributed our responsibilities and separated the monstrous mission into multiple main modules; Each stands singularly yet forms a cohesive collective through their mutual dependencies.  :encephacube: To our code-base this means our rendering, native interface, networking, game logic, level design and other modules are all inherently designed for use in an array of applications for multiple operating systems.

Each successful iteration will make our future endeavors easier. For example: There’s now over 10,000 lines of code in our cross-platform supporting libraries alone; :whoa: We’ve also produced several times this amount in design documentation and discussions.  Each and every contribution gives groundwork for the next.

In following our natural modder instincts we also openly discuss, critique and refine each other’s work.  Our mod-friendly methodology allows us access to both worlds: Collaboration and Distribution.



Sterling Engine Output

Above is a screen-shot from an early version of our graphics rendering engine, Sterling; It shows our text rendering function taking its first steps.

:geeeeek: Note the transparent cube between the texts. Though traditional fonts are flat, ours can also make the jump into 3D! The cube is just a (temporary) 3D glyph in this font, like any other letter.  The colored square in the background helped to test the foreground transparency overlays.

These great glyphs are a minor mod of Mechadon’s big Bolo font face.



This video shows the successful completion of our first milestone: Cross platform window management, 3D views and a couple of simple graphics effects.

For various reasons we’re not able to use many existing multi-media frameworks.  Though it may not be the quickest or smoothest path, implementing our own libraries does have many benefits.  There is a fair amount of duplicating the efforts of others involved, but it’s not an insurmountable task. :automacube:   It’s more similar to changing a worn tire by one’s self, not independently “re-inventing a wheel”.



With many foundational systems near completion, we can now begin the task of developing the tools we’ll use to make our game.   All of our developers have shown great patience and perseverance throughout this turbulent formative period.

Thanks for hanging in there guys!

Team Retrograde hasn’t just been idly twiddling their thumbs while waiting for their code-base to bear fruit.  No, they’ve been busy pulling forth a rich new world from the delightful depths of their collective creative craniums.  Our designers have been planning and refining game mechanics, items, settings, plot lines and even game editor features to act as anchors in the Aether upon which fractured forms can crystallize into a single solid footing.

Even the appearance of the sky backdrop above embodies a direct realization of our designer’s vision. :nod:

As seasoned game modders we strive to make our game’s tool-set even more flexible, configurable and easy to use than our game itself.  There’s no doubt that our experience and dedication to detail will yield a fertile field for others to grow their collective creations in too.

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