It’s Games All the Way Down

When we want to stress test an engine feature, we make a mini-game out of it.

The video below shows a test of several engine features.  Notably: Deterministic demo record and playback;  Video frame output, which was used to create the video; And 3D GUI interaction.

This little game is created completely within our game engine’s 3D GUI system.

Sometimes a feature requires other features to be complete before we can see if it’s working properly.

This is an earlier peek at the 3D user interface.  Notice how it’s jerky in places.  This is because the demo record system wasn’t in place to allow play back the at a constant frame rate.

Often times, when a problem arises the answer is to make a game about it:

  • New engine features need testing?
    Make a little game that utilizes them.
  • Want to check if a gameplay concept is actually fun?
    Prototype the ideas with a stripped down game.
  • Web site could stand to attract more attention?
    Make web games!
  • Daily grind slowly draining your will to live?
    Make a game out of it!

Don’t worry, we won’t be creating a boring Task Master 9000 game. However, we do have a web game engine that’s just collecting dust in the corner.  I’m sure that if you’re reading this you wouldn’t mind having some free browser games to play while you’re here, right?

In addition to batting about some other 3D mini-game concepts, we’ve also been knocking around a few ideas for trying out this new-fangled HTML5 thing as a gaming platform.

In the same way that folks like to kick back and unwind by playing a few simple games, to us game devs making a few 2D games would be a welcome break from slaving away at our more serious games — Especially since the engine code’s already ready already.

  • Need a break from making games?
    Make some more games!

When all you have is game developers, everything looks like a game… :P

Keep your sensors primed for more input. It’s Back to the Pixel Mines for us!


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  1. Oops! Somehow I got the drum track mixed up with the piano track.

    Updated the vid and it sounds Much Better.

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