Supplice! It’s Doom, kinda!

Wow, a new post! You might be asking yourself “What does ole Mechadon have to post about here? Isn’t this project dead or something?” *BZZZZT* WRONG! Most of Project Retrograde is technically on hiatus, but recently I have decided to expand its umbrella to include a Doom project that I’ve been working on (and off) since June 2009. That project is…


What is Supplice? That’s a question that requires a bit of explaining. Supplice was initially announced back in November 2012. To keep it short, it was going to be a Doom 2 mapset for the Boom engine with lots of new maps and additional content. We were going to have an entirely new set of textures, a new color palette, some new monsters and tweaked weapons, a new story/setting and so on. In a sense it was meant to be a partial TC (total conversion) for Doom, but still within the Doom universe. That’s the short version though, the project’s history is more involved than that. But as of the 2012 announcement, those were the goal we set for ourselves.

So what’s changed since then to warrant this new blog post? Lots of small details and a few larger ones, apart from adding Supplice to the Project Retrograde repertoire. Instead of dissecting all of the differences from the old announcement, I’m going to just go ahead and list off our new goals and features.

  • The project will be mostly based off of Doom 2′s core gameplay. However this is not meant to be a vanilla-style project. The base is Doom 2, but we are adding and changing some things around. We are going for a mix of old and new.
  • We’re using ZDoom as our engine (with Zandronum compatibility for multiplayer stuff). GZDoom support/enhancements are also planned. Eternity compatibility might be possible, but its not a priority at this time.
  • The campaign will be 30 maps (+ secret maps) of 6 distinct settings/themes, which will be split into 3 episodes. The themes/settings will follow a skeleton story, much like the original Doom.
  • There will also be a Deathmatch map pack with a varying number of maps (we have no set map limit in mind, just whatever we feel like making that ends up being good).
  • As far as map gameplay goes, we’re shooting for a pretty middling difficulty curve – definitely harder than the vanilla Doom maps on the whole, but nothing approaching slaughterfest levels. Difficulty levels will be implemented so that almost anyone should be able to play it at the difficulty they prefer. Map size will stay around medium-size on average, with a few larger maps thrown in. (I know some of you know what kind of maps I generally make, and it is a concern that we’ve had. So we’re sticking with Boom format for the maps as a design restriction. But I’m also going to try very hard to make the maps normal sized, I promise!).
  • We’ll have an entirely new texture set and color palette/colormap. You won’t see a single Doom 2 vanilla texture resource being used.
  • In addition, there will be graphic/sprite replacements for just about everything except for monsters. This includes weapons, pickups, decorations, fonts, menus, and so on. Some existing monsters will have new looks though.
  • Visually, we’re going for a slightly more colorful, cleaner look over the usual Doom 2 style. Though we have been inspired by other mods and games such as Doom 64, Quake/Quake II, Back to Saturn X, other various 90s FPS games, and even the original Doom games.
  • Weapons will be a mix of old and new behaviors. Each ammo type has two weapons, and there will be a total of 10 weapons. In addition, each weapon will have their own primary and secondary firing modes (ala Unreal).
  • There will be a total of 15 powerups, 7 of which are brand new.
  • Some new hazard objects will be added, such as exploding brimstone, nuclear barrels, and so on.
  • There will be lots of new decoration objects including things like lights, industro-pillars™, and gore.
  • The demon bestiary will be changed up and expanded. At current there are 24 total monsters, with 3 more planned. 11 of those are brand-new and/or replacing vanilla monsters. This also includes a brand-new big boss demon.
  • A brand-new soundtrack, composed by our good friend Jimmy, will accompany each map and title/intermission screens.
  • Many sound effects will be replaced. Exceptions to this are the stock vanilla Doom monsters, they will mostly likely be retaining their original sounds.

So who’s on the team as of now, and what do they do?

  • Brett “Mechadon” Harrell: Project lead, resource organizer, mapper, and lazytron. I’ve also done a good bit with sprites/graphics and some coding.
  • James “Jimmy” Paddock: Musical wizard, mapper, and general advice giver/helpful person/good friend. He’s been helping me out with the project pretty much from the beginning doing all sorts of stuff.
  • Aleksander “Cage” Kowalczyk: Artist extraordinaire. Cage has saved this project from my very mediocre graphic creation skills and has uplifted it to something truly amazing.
  • Pillowblaster: DECORATE maestro. Pillowblaster is a recent addition to the team and is going to help us out with the coding-heavy portions of the project.

Some of you who have been following the project might be wondering about some of these new goals and changes. That’s totally understandable. I’m really, really terrible about making public updates on the project’s I work on. And since the initial 2012 announcement (and the spattering of screenshots being posted here and there), lots of things have changed on our end as we slowly chipped away at the project. And I never bothered to make updates about this stuff for a couple of reasons. So here’s a quick FAQ that might help explain some of these changes.


Have any other questions that weren’t answered in the FAQ? Feel free to join our dev forums and ask them in our forum! I set up a special thread just for this purpose. Comments are welcome as well :D

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