Welcome to the Info page! Here you can find information about Project Retrograde. Imagine that!

This page is setup in a F.A.Q. format for the time being. If you have a questions that you’d like answered and featured on this page or if you want further clarification to existing questions, please contact us (see contact information at the bottom of this page).

Q: What is Project Retrograde?
A: Project Retrograde is a brand new first-person shooter game concept. It’s goals are two-fold – to create a FPS game with elements taken from early-to-mid 90′s FPS games and arcade shoot’em ups as well as to create a very modder-friendly environment with new tools and a brand-new game engine.

Q: What does the name Retrograde mean?
A: Retrograde describes the goals for our game. We’re taking the FPS genre and reverting back to the older concepts like fast-paced gameplay, interesting and engaging level design, and low-res, pixelated artwork. All the while we are planning to mix these concepts with some new, interesting ideas to create something that is, hopefully, fresh and entertaining.

Q: When will it be done?
A: Currently we don’t have a set schedule for when this project will be complete. So the answer is “when it’s done” (or whenever we set a deadline).

Q: Do you have any gameplay footage or screenshots?
A: At the moment we’re knee-deep in the guts of the engine and editor. We don’t have any actual artwork to show off yet. This will change as we continue to progress though. However if your interested in the behind-the-scenes stuff, we try to regularly post updates and shots of the engine and tools here on the dev-blog as well as our Twitter and Google+ pages.

Q: Is this game going to be free? If not, how much will it cost?
A: Currently the plan is to release a shareware version of the game which will be free and will contain a couple of the first levels. The full game will not be free however and we haven’t discussed the price or release plan yet. One of our big goals is to start up a game design business, so that’s why the game will cost money to play.

Q: Is Retrograde going to be the name of the game? If not, what is?
A: No, Retrograde is just a codename for the project. The actual game will be named something different entirely. We’re not going to release the name of the game until we are 100% certain we can use it (but we do have a title in mind).

Q: What sort of setting and theme will the game be set in?
A: At current the game is set in a sort of alien steampunk universe, completely separate from reality. We’re working on fleshing out the story for the game as well as the background and lore, which we’re hoping will be interesting and extensive.

Q: Since there’s lore, how will the story be conveyed?
A: Since we want gameplay to be smooth and uninterrupted, gameplay will be conveyed through actions and actual gameplay (versus cutscenes, dialog, etc). We may also take advantage of end-up-episode intermission texts.

Q: Can you go into any details about the story, enemies, weapons, etc?
A: Yes, but not at the present time. We will save that stuff for when we’re further along into the designs when we are in more concrete design territory. Plus I don’t want to be giving away all our cool ideas before we actually implement them :P

Q: What editing capabilities will the engine and tools have?
A: That is a great question, one that is hard to answer in a couple of sentences. The style of maps will resembled Quake I/Quake II era levels, so the editor is being designed with that in mind. It will be fully 3D, that much is certain. We are still working hard on the tools and engine though so it is difficult to go into further detail. But we will cover all of the editing capabilities once we reach that point.

Q: Who’s on the development team?
A: Currently Team Retrograde is currently made up of three members – Brett Harrell (Mechadon), James Paddock (Jimmy91), and Tim Landers (VortexCortex).

Q: Who does what?
A: I (Mechadon) am the main game designer and project lead, Jimmy makes amazing music, and VortexCortex is a code addict. We all fill in other roles when needed as well.

Q: I’m really good at _______, can I join your team?
A: That’s great! We will be in dire need of talented artists once the groundwork is laid, that much is certain. We’re not actively looking for contributors just yet, but please do not hesitate to contact us if your interested! It could be a great opportunity to help start up an indie game design team! If all goes to plan, it will be a paid position.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Simple, see below!

Email the Dev Team
The Retrograde Forums (Retrograde Usergroup)
Google+ Page
Twitter Page
Youtube Page

Updated on 06/07/2012

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