Devblog registration is disabled + Small update

Hey guys, Mechadon here! If you’ve happened to come across this little bit of internet in your journeys, I wanted to let you know that the Retrograde devblog has had its user registration and comments disabled for the time being. If you want to talk to us (and your human, or at least as intelligent as one), then your more than welcome to register on the forums and chat us up. Please note that we require your account to be approved, and you must make a post before that can be done.

Why are comments and registration disabled? Well mostly because I got sidetracked [lazy] and forgot to keep up with all of the spambots that would register and post silly things. I also foolishly left the door open so that anyone could leave a comment without any approval. Keeping WordPress (and specifically the spam-blocking plugin) up-to-date is a kind of difficult at this point in time too, so that makes it hard to keep the flood from overwhelming the devblog (our webmaster isn’t available at the moment unfortunately).

Will comments and registration be re-enabled in the future? I’m not sure. Right now I’m leaning towards keeping everything closed off from commenters for the devblog. We’ll use it to post up anything worthwhile in regards to the project and the team. I may have a devblog sub-forum set up where we will mirror devblog posts and keep discussion there. It would be easier to manage and moderate one set of users/posts instead of two.

I don’t see my comments, did they get deleted? Yes, it is possible, and I apologize for that if so. There were a few folks who left legitimate comments on our few posts. The list of spam accounts reached upwards of 6000, and I wasn’t going to put in the effort to single out the legit accounts (yes lazy, I know). If you really want to discuss stuff in the future, please consider registering on the forums. In the future, if we do not re-enable registration/comments on the devblog, then we will have a place for discussion on the forums.

Will you guys be making new posts anytime soon? Eh…well, this is probably a good segway for small project update that I should have posted a long, long time ago.

The current status of Project Retrograde is indefinite hiatus. We’ve been in this situation for over a year now. The lack of updates or devblog posts should mean this comes as no surprise. I know this is the fate of many ambitious indie game projects, and I knew full well going into this that we might end up in a similar situation.

What’s happened? I cannot get into details, but we’ve been a [very important] man down since Summer of last year. This guy has been incredibly important to the project as a whole, and in his absence I’ve lost most of my motivation to continue on the project. This is no one’s fault other than my own, but that’s the way it goes.

The project is not cancelled though. At the moment we’re awaiting the return of our integral friend for an update. Hopefully once that happens, we’ll be able to figure out the future of Retrograde. I have some backup plans to take some of my ideas into a direction that may allow me to the design aspects mostly on my own if that ends up being the best way to go about things. At the moment my creative juices are being consumed by Doom-related mapping projects; a big one worth mentioning is Supplice which I may start posting about here as its kind of falls under Retrograde’s umbrella.

Some other potentially good news – we got a concept artist on board a while back. I held off for a very long time announcing this, and I’m not going to go into details right now because I’m not sure if he is still on board. But if things look up, we’ll be posting some cool bits of concept art for you guys took look at.

If/when something happens, I will make an effort to post about it. Hopefully we will have some good news! The best thing I can say right now is that we are not dead yet :encephacube: